Why We’ve Fallen in Love with Mobile Technology

In recent years there’s been a significant move away from desktop and laptop systems towards mobile devices, partly due to rapid advances in smartphone technology and the availability of affordable tablets. Whilst this is convenient for the end user, for developers it means there’s often a greater need for the services of a mobile software testing company to ensure compatibility […]

Digital art and its endless possibilities

The digital art is, surely, the most novel discipline within the world of the plastic arts . Many consider it the artistic expression of the future because of the new creative possibilities with which, every day, it is able to surprise us. New technologies are put at the service of art interconnecting very diverse sectors that range from traditional image and photography to […]

Linux hosting, advantages and methods of use

The diffusion of web hosting services has increased in recent years, especially since the various CMS and services offered to webmasters have become increasingly user-friendly and easy to use. Search terms such as “web hosting“, “hosting”, “free hosting” and many others, register on Google Trends a constant interest. For this reason, this type of demand, the providers have been able […]