How to recover deleted files

In recent years, with virtually all computerized companies, thousands of files and digitized information is susceptible to being lost in limbo if we do not make backup copies.

Backups or backups is a widespread concept among computer scientists or IT managers. Even street users keep their files on USB sticks so they can take their files anywhere, even having a small backup copy of them.

But what happens when we delete them by accident and we do not have a copy?

With Simplisafe we can keep our data safe and recover deleted files with the convenience of just taking a few simple steps.

When we delete a file from our computer, usually what is deleted is the “index” where it tells us that such content exists. If you have not written above that information box, we can recover these data, thus avoiding stretching the hairs.

This function can be an advantage for clueless users who delete their files without realizing what they have deleted or by mistake when selecting the one that was not.

Now that we know how it works, we may also want to completely erase our data and that those files with confidential information can not be recovered. With Simplysafe it’s simple. If you want this option, what they do is overwrite in the same location of the file with random numbers so that it is modified and later it is deleted again so that it does not occupy space on disk.

But not only that, it also allows us to continue with privacy on the internet, Simplysafe allows us to remove all our traces on the Internet in a very simple way and defend our privacy. Cookies, temporary, history … one click.

Without a doubt, it can be an aid to take into account.

And they have a trial version!

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