New application of body scanners

It has been more than 10 years since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and not only since then the problem of achieving maximum security is the main issue in the checks of passengers at airports before boarding the planes.

A very discussed device in this relationship is the body scanner. It is a device that creates an image of the naked body of a person through his clothes in search of hidden objects without the physical removal of his clothes or make physical contact. They are increasingly in use at airports and train stations in many countries, but they are also very controversial due to the privacy implications of the government taking nude photos of citizens. But above all the use in humans is discussed because it is visible through the naked device. In addition to making very private intimate details visible, such as prosthetics, artificial anuses or some type of piercing. Another very important aspect are potential health risks caused by the reception of unnecessary radiation, which could cause cancer.

Two advantages of body scanners compared to a physical strip search is that it is fast (it takes only 15 seconds) and that people do not have to physically remove their clothes.

One disadvantage is that scanners are used to perform routine searches, virtual strips without probable cause that opponents claim are illegal raids that violate basic human rights. The aspect of data protection is not very clear either. It is not possible to avoid 100% the risk of transmitting recorded body scan images to third parties. There is a lot of risk in the case of famous passengers.

Although for its application in the case of the controls at the airport they never reached a great acceptance, now it seems that they start to make a second career: some companies in the sector of the clothing industry have discovered that the technology instead of using Some type of automotive oscilloscope can be used perfectly to measure human bodies, which could make it much easier to buy new clothes. It is an innovative idea that could save customers time and many millions to merchants. Having the exact measurements of the whole body, it would also be a lot safer to buy new clothes on the internet.

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