Protection of folders on a USB hard disk

Nowadays there are hardly any operations that are carried out only face to face in lockers or counters, but everything is automated to the maximum, to reduce personnel expenses and increase profits. The opinion of the affected customers no longer seems to interest anyone. Well, and to manage our automated procedures we usually need passwords, codes or a pin number. Of course, each one is very aware of the sensitivity of the subject and the great importance of keeping the access codes to the different systems secret.
Equally no one would allow access to your computer to any unknown or untrustworthy person. And it is not always the only reason to have sensitive information stored but simply to protect your personal privacy. Even more important is the issue of protecting your data in the case of a company.

And although we usually have restricted access through some security code or system, we often do not have the issue in mind at the moment of lending a USB to another person, not having planted the question before if there is some software with it that is possible to hide and / or password protect the folders on a USB hard drive, so that this software is “portable” in such a way that it “travels” on the USB hard disk itself, hiding the folders recorded at the moment of lending the USB to another person. As for the best solutions to lighting issues, the question you find on the web with the keywords of Arrow Europe – Led , the web also in this case gives the solution at html The program is called Folder Password Expert USB, it is very simple and allows its installation on the device itself. To avoid that sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, it is not necessary to have a lot of computer knowledge, since to use the Folder Password Expert USB, there is a support team available for the user to answer all the questions. What is convenient is to have knowledge of English.

Although it works very well, it would not hurt to become familiar with the program’s operating options. It is advisable to carry out some tests prior to the cession of the hard disk.

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