5 Top Paying Technology Majors for College Students

Out of all the college majors, getting a degree in the tech field will open up a world of possibility after you graduate. One of the biggest perks of landing a position in the tech sector is that you will get paid a lot of money. Most of the jobs in the technology field pay a minimum of six figures a year. Before you set your sights on a high paying job, you need to get your degree requirements out of the way. The best way to do this is to narrow in on a major. Getting a specific major – in a specific tech field – will help you close in on a very exact path. Of course, you may want to dabble in other fields, but focusing on one major will help streamline your ambitions. Here are the five top paying technology majors for college students.

  1. Geographic Information Systems

As a geographic information systems specialist, you will work with various firms and tech startups to create spatial systems for specific geographic regions. This will help a wide range of individuals deal with resources more efficiently, which will ultimate help people live their lives more efficiently. You can easily get USC’s GIS certificate online and enter this unique field – or Boston College also has some great courses.

  1. Analytics Manager

An analytics manager will create a unique team within a business or enterprise to develop a broad picture of that business’ health. You will design programs, or implement platforms, to customize a digitized framework of that specific business’ revenue, profit and more. On top of that, you will help the business learn new ways to appreciate these analytics, which will ultimately help grow the company and make it more profitable.

  1. Data Architecture

When you enter the data architecture field, you will essentially be tasked with building databases. If you work for a large enterprise that has a lot of data needs, or a business that holds a lot of information in its systems, you will be charged with building large servers and cloud computing systems to hold all of the information. Moreover, it will be up to you to build backup systems in case any of the servers fail.

  1. Software Developer

One of the highest paying jobs in the tech sector is that of a software developer. This is especially the case if you work on your own software and if that software is sold to a major tech corporation. Moreover, you could hold a position at a major software development company. You will typically work with a team to develop software that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

  1. Programmer

On top of everything, you could become a freelance programmer. As a freelance programmer, you could make more money than any other position in the tech field, especially if you are very good at what you do. There are tech companies, and start-ups, that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on quality programmers. In the end, if you want a tech job with the promise of a high salary, you may want to start learning how to code.

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