What is a refresh rate?

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, you might want to consider the refresh rate. What is it? When a device is on and operating, the images and text on screen are always updating and how many times it does this per second is known as the refresh rate. As online gaming and streaming content has become increasingly popular, a high refresh rate is vital.

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The number of times a screen refreshes per second is measured in Hertz(HZ). A phone with a 50HZ refresh rate will update 50 times every second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the gaming or streaming experience. The update happens by row, with each row of pixels refreshing until the whole screen is complete and it is so fast that it’s invisible to the naked eye. Think about what refresh rate you want when you consider a new phone from Vodafone Dundalk. For advice, visit a site like Vodafone Dundalk

The standard refresh rate for computer monitors and televisions has always been 60HZ and this was the standard for mobile phone platforms until gaming and streaming meant customers wanted even more from their devices. Now tech companies are pushing the boundaries and some phones offer as much as 144HZ for a specialist gaming phone.

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A higher refresh rate means a smoother user experience and less motion blur when swiping between menus and apps, for example. Gamers can get very frustrated when they experience latency on their device. This is also known as lag and is the time it takes between command and action when playing a game.

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