What is the difference between a flat and a maisonette?

With an increasing demand for the maxim use of space on residential sites, the maisonette is could be the answer to the problem. A maisonette is not a flat in the stickest since it is located on a single level. Instead, it is a spilt property. The feature that distinguishes it from an apartment, or flat, is that it has a single entrance and not a shared one. However, this can also relate to a flat with a spilt mezzanine level. In the UK, we think of the maisonette as being a single split property with a separate entrance.

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The purchase of this type of property can be complicated as there is the question of leasehold and freehold to solve. This means that you should seek out Sam Conveyancing to help you with the legal element of the purchase. Even more, help comes from their regular Homebuyers News Articles.

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A maisonette is a perfect option for the first time buyer. It is also a good option for people looking to downsize in a retirement. The lower price of such properties is usually lower, and the ground floor can contain a garden area to use, or it may well be a communal space. The maisonette is generally more significant than a flat and offers more living space, making it an option for a small family to think to about when looking for a new home. However, it should be noted they are not a standard build in the UK, and the stock and supply can be limited.

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