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Advantages of Using Auto Dialers

Using an autodialer can save time and money by reducing agent idle time. Auto dialers are also loaded with features designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your customers. If you’re considering purchasing one, read on to learn more. You may also be surprised at how much time it saves you by reducing the …

Technology Update

Online Marketing Trends that Made Headlines

As online success is closely linked to the ability of your business to capitalise early on the latest trends and developments, keeping on top of the previous years’ headline-hitting stories can be valuable in identifying emerging opportunities that might prove successful for your business throughout the year ahead. Image Credit Getting Political Demonstrating social credentials …


Why am I Having Problems with my Freeview Reception?

Poor Freeview can be caused by a variety of things, including the set or separate Freeview box, boosters, cables, aerials, weather conditions, transmitter faults, interference and obstructions. There are a number of common-sense questions you can ask yourself to whittle down the most likely causes. Image Credit Has Reception Varied in the Past? If your …


How to Combat Money Laundering

If you have a business or are a member of the financial sector, you are likely concerned about how to combat money laundering. This problem plagues many financial institutions, including banks. Keeping up with anti-money laundering regulations and using new technology is key to addressing the problem. Learning how to combat money laundering will help …

Technology Update

What is a refresh rate?

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, you might want to consider the refresh rate. What is it? When a device is on and operating, the images and text on screen are always updating and how many times it does this per second is known as the refresh rate. As online gaming …