How to know how many devices are connected to my WiFi

We will explain step by step how to know how many devices are connected to your WiFi. If your connection is slow, doing this you can know how many devices are using it and turn off some, and if you think someone is stealing WiFi you can also use the same method to identify possible impostor devices. We share how to know how many devices are connected to my wifi.

The process is extremely simple once you know the appropriate applications for it. Let’s start by explaining how to do it from your mobile phone with an app available for Android. And iOS, and then we’ll show you the same on your computer. We will use simple tools that immediately detect connected devices.

How many devices are connected to my wifi

See connected devices from your mobile

When analyzing your WiFi network with your mobile, one of the best alternatives is the Fing application. On its website, you will find links to Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. Its biggest advantage is that it is extremely easy to use application. Once you install it on your mobile device, simply open it.

When you open the application, it will detect for itself the devices that are connected to the WiFi network you have chosen. When you do, at the top left of the screen you will see the number of devices that are connected, and below you will see a list of all of them, from the router to your mobile phone.

If you click on one of the devices in the list, you will enter a tab that will give you all the information about it. You will have up to history to know how many times you have detected connected so that if you use the application you can often identify those who are always there or those who have just connected and may not be yours. In this tab, you can also know the IP address of the device or its MAC.

See the connected devices from the PC

In the case that you have a Windows computer, you have a very similar alternative called NirSoft’s Wireless Network Watcher. To download the application go to its official website and download the download links you see in the screenshot. By clicking on them you can click on the link and install it like any other application.

When you speak the tool, it will analyze your network and automatically list all the devices that are connected to it. It will also show you all the information on the same screen. From your name to your IP and MAC addresses. It will also show the times that it has been detected connected. So you know when your devices are, and you can add descriptions to identify the ones you have in your house.

From here, you only have to identify which devices are computers or mobiles. And which are others that are also using the connection, such as smart loudspeakers or even connected bulbs?

And if you have a Mac, a similar alternative for macOS is LanScan. When you install and run it, just click on the Lan your Scan icon that appears in green on the top left. And analyze your network by listing the connected devices. You only have to count them to see how many you have. And the application will give you information such as the MAC address or its manufacturers so you can identify them.


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