Advantages Of Pull Up Banners For Exhibiting

Today it is not easy to find a way to be original and more creative than the rest of the crew that takes part in different trade fairs and conferences. Everybody can buy the finest computers and cutting-edge gadgets. Every stand can have a superfast Internet connection and a plentitude of info hubs in form of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Ever IT experts can make your stand glitter and shine with extraordinary advertising panels and you can make the best video presentations in the world. All these features are not anything special these days. However, if everyone is capable of doing it or having it done, what can be created to be different and stay distinct from the competition in order to attract more attention and visitors? The answer is – pure art, i.e. hiring a visual artist to create an original visual concept for your trade show stand.

Hop Back for a Hip Look

Thanks to the trivialization process that has been going on at the same time as the Internet has been taking over the world, nothing is shocking or disgusting anymore. We have all become used to murders, beheadings, terrible news etc. In the world without any taboos to stay hidden, what draws attention is a conservative approach to things. Nowadays it is more interesting today to read classic novels than pulp stories that are being fabricated just like pop-music stars. The same goes for advertising. While twenty-five years ago, the music video with Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen hugging each other naked on the beach was considered provocative, today it seems incredible that that used to be tempting. That is why today we have the revival of vintage trade show stand design, which sails back to the past times, where it is looking for inspiration and information.

New Solutions from Past Times

When applied to the trade show context, all this means that you should act in the old-school way. That implies hiring graphic designers and painters to make a creative advertising campaign with completely new works based on traditional artistic approach. If your business already has a recognizable and catchy logo, it could be redone and restyled for the trade you want to participate in. Another feature of such a classic approach are pull-up banners. They could be placed all over your stand and each of them could have a different theme. Your recent successes could be visualized on the banners, as well as your most recognizable brands. Also, you could also devise several posters with your most well-known and most successful products of all times. If your business has a long tradition, there must be some old posters and product labels that could be reshaped and serve as a real trade show attraction. On the other hand, newly established businesses can get inspiration from that vintage poster-making style.

Thanks to the overall openness and technological progress, everybody can make things that are either same or very similar. To make yourself stick out and stay witty and ingenious in advertising terms, you should go the opposite way from all other rivals – back to the past to get inspiration and then wait for the rest of your colleagues in your smartly devised future.

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