How Has Technology Changed College Life?

Compare the average contemporary college student’s educational experience with that of his or her parent’s or grandparent’s and the number of differences will infinitely surpass the number of similarities. While some of the astounding changes that college life has experienced over the many years seem almost predictable, one such change couldn’t possibly have been foreseen decades ago. That is, the influence of technology.

Computers have completely revolutionized the life of students in today’s top universities. Nearly everything that modern college pupils do is in some way impacted or affected by the advancements of technology. Here are a few examples.

Textbooks, Binders, and Poster Boards are a Thing of the Past

Nearly everything that was once printed on paper is now done virtually. Classrooms are populated with pupils on laptops rather than holding a pen and paper. Textbooks are virtual. Presentations are done through the assistance of computers and computer programs. Nearly all of the work associated with a college education is now completed through the aid provided by technological devices.

Research has Been Revolutionized

Ask today’s college student how the Dewy Decimal System works and you are hard pressed to get an answer. Modern college students still rely heavily on research as a part of their education, but the manner in which they conduct their studious inquiries is vastly different. Again, everything is dependent upon technology. The internet, online databases, and optimized search engines have all made available infinitely more information at much greater ease and in far less time.

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Online Education and Distance Learning is the New Norm

What used to define the typical and traditional college experience has been greatly altered over just the past few years. Distance learning and online education programs are on the rise, allowing students of all walks of life to obtain their degree while bypassing the traditional on-campus 4-year degree process.

These types of virtual classrooms have made it easier for today’s students to work and learn simultaneously. No longer is a four-year block of time reserved for obtaining a college degree. Likewise, more and more adults are able to obtain formal education without abandoning their adult commitments.  This is changing the demographics of the college population.

Communication has Never Been Easier or More Widespread

Social media, computer networking, and entire online communities have emerged and transformed the interconnectedness of college students. Both in and out of the classroom, today’s students utilize these technology-enhanced forms of communication to stay informed and stay connected.

It’s no surprise that the effects of technology can be widely felt on today’s college campuses. Computers have completely altered how we live and that fact rings especially true for students earning an advanced degree. With that in mind, a degree in IT seems to be one of the most promising and valuable degrees offered. If you or someone you know is interested in some of today’s top technology schools, then be sure and check out USC’s online gis certificate program as well as the programs offered by Tufts University.

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