5 Tech Jobs You Can’t Get Without a Degree

Tech jobs. In today’s world where computers are constantly evolving and growing, shaping how we do just about everything, these career opportunities are everywhere. The industry is more in demand now than ever before, and the earning potential to work in the field is incredibly promising. A degree in technology is one perfect way to better your odds at achieving that dream job, and many of today’s top tech careers are impossible to land without one. Here are a few examples.

  1. System Programmer

These individuals work writing software for either use by people or by machines themselves. Jobs in this field require an extensive understanding of coding and often pay over $100,000 a year in salary. In fact, demand for programmer jobs has been increasing in recent years, up nearly 2% since 2015. But you have to know your code to achieve success in this field, something a tech degree can certainly arm you with.

  1. Software Engineer

As a software engineer, your job is to write software for areas of service outside of the IT industry, working in areas of automotive, retail, and finance to satisfy their technology needs. Jobs in this field also often pay upwards of $100,000 a year and as technology becomes ever more present in all areas and industries, this type of work will also likely grow in demand. A tech degree is your best bet at learning how to design software that will earn you the best jobs as an engineer.

  1. Systems Architect

A Systems Architect’s job is to design large-scale and incredibly complex IT systems for big companies in various sectors. With technology on the rise in all areas and industries, the demand for this job is on the rise. Only skills from certified degree training can enable one to succeed in just such a role.

  1. Chief Security Officer

You’ve likely heard the title before, but what does a CSO do? Their job is to protect companies and corporate entities from security threats and hackers. It is difficult job but the rewards are highly lucrative. Hackers are often some of the most technologically intelligent individuals out there, so being able to out smart them takes the training and education of a degree in technology. Chief securities officers also earn some of the highest salaries in the technology industry.

  1. Chief Information Officer

The CIO or Chief Information Officer is basically the head of the entire IT department within a company. Not only does this individual have to possess top-notch tech know-how and a fluent understanding of the coding and engineering languages, but he or she must also have the leadership, communication, and organizational skills to run an entire IT department. These types of skills are exactly what you’ll learn as you pursue a degree in technology. Today’s IT classrooms arm students not only with the technological skills required for a top job like this, but also the interpersonal skills that enable students to obtain some of the tech industries highest paying and most highly regarded roles.

So are you ready to be the next Steve Jobs? If you think working in technology is your personal calling, then you might first want to consider a formal educational in tech. Schools like the University of Cincinnati and Tufts University offer incredible programs designed to adequately prepare their students for success in the working world of technology.

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