As online success is closely linked to the ability of your business to capitalise early on the latest trends and developments, keeping on top of the previous years’ headline-hitting stories can be valuable in identifying emerging opportunities that might prove successful for your business throughout the year ahead.

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Getting Political

Demonstrating social credentials is quickly becoming more of a priority for many brands. Adopting a clear political stance in the marketing sphere is often a risky strategy, but it is one that proved fruitful for many businesses because brand values are becoming an increasingly important purchasing factor, especially among millennials.

Live Streaming

The best live streams provide an immersive and engaging experience and give audiences the unique opportunity to interact with content in real-time. Live content also has the added benefit of coming across as particularly authentic and, as such, is an excellent way to establish and build upon meaningful relationships.

Meme Communication

2017 was the year that brand marketing fully embraced the unique power of the meme. Many associate the rise of meme communication to the need for something light-hearted against the backdrop of a turbulent political landscape. However, the number of young people securing leadership roles is also certain to also be a contributing factor. Brands with a clear consumer-focus quickly capitalised on this trend; reactive gifs and images swept the social sphere and were also adopted across a range of industries including non-profit organisations and police departments alike.

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A Multi-Channel Focus

Channelling efforts into perfecting a centralised online presence is no longer enough to ensure success. Adopting a multi-channel focus eradicates the risk of limiting your potential reach and unnecessarily narrowing your core target audience.

If you are looking to switch to a multi-channel approach for your business, working with one or more experts who specialise in marketing, like this brand strategy agency it is a good idea to explore the many services that can help you.

Cross-channel messaging must be both consistent and complementary, ensuring that your audience is met with a coherent experience that aligns with your values and your brand personality.