Why am I Having Problems with my Freeview Reception?

Poor Freeview can be caused by a variety of things, including the set or separate Freeview box, boosters, cables, aerials, weather conditions, transmitter faults, interference and obstructions. There are a number of common-sense questions you can ask yourself to whittle down the most likely causes.

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Has Reception Varied in the Past?

If your signal strength is barely adequate, you can find you have perfectly good reception some days, but channels begin to break-up or disappear on others. The immediate cause will be the weather, but the underlying cause is your already poor reception. To improve this, you may need your aerial realigned or upgraded. Also make sure your aerial is clear of overgrown trees.

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You can consider installing a signal booster, or if you already have one see if it has variable gain or filtering controls.

If reception is intermittent but seemingly unrelated to weather, you should ask if it’s possible you have an interference problem. Move other electrical appliances away from your receiver – does the problem occur when someone is operating the microwave?

Sudden Loss of Reception

Check all the cables. If nothing has disturbed these, ascertain whether neighbours also have a problem. If so, there is a transmitter fault in your area. You can check for faults or scheduled maintenance online.

If neighbours have no problem, something could have happened to your aerial – it could have fallen down, blown around, or had a connector worn through. You will need an engineer to repair this for you, like this TV aerial repair Gloucester based company https://steveunettaerials.co.uk

New Installations

If you’re having trouble getting a signal for a new TV installation the first thing to consider is whether your aerial is aligned correctly and up to the job. Some areas have poor reception and need more powerful kinds of aerial. What have your neighbours got?

If you know your aerial and signal are good, you may be left with the conclusion there is a fault in your receiver. You will need it checked by a TV engineer.

Remember that after any alterations you’ll need to re-check your reception. It’s possible to buy signal detectors online or from an electrical shop, but sometimes you just need to keep re-starting the re-tune routine on your freeview receiver. In some cases it is much easier to call an engineer.

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