How to Land a Tech Job After College Without Experience

It doesn’t matter what your major is in college, when you graduate there is always a lot of pressure to land your first job and prove that you can make a healthy transition into the workforce. This can be especially difficult if you didn’t work at all throughout college, or if the jobs that you did work were completely unrelated to your major. However, it’s certainly not impossible to land a tech job if you don’t have any experience, you just have to know how to properly circumvent the whole standard protocol. Here is how to land a tech job after college without experience.

Letters of Recommendation

The first thing you are going to need to do is reach out to several professors and ask them for letters of recommendation. If you were in one of USF’s MPA programs, then a strong letter of recommendation can definitely go a very long way. A lot of times you will need to include several bullet points to guide your professor in all of their talking points, and you should definitely start developing your relationships with these professors as early as possible so that they have plenty of great things to say about you.

Start by Interning

You may not be able to land a paying job directly out of college, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t land a very promising internship. It may be difficult to work part-time or even full-time as an intern at first, but it is definitely one of the best ways to get your foot in the door for some of the higher paying jobs in the long run. Putting a year or two into a good internship can definitely pay off in spades, so it’s important to remember that an unpaid position isn’t always something you should scoff at.

Go to Career Fairs

Ideally, you want to start going to career fairs during your freshman or sophomore year. You want to get the hang of the whole routine, and you want all of the various businesses who show up for the fairs to become familiar with your face. You will definitely have a much easier time finding a job after school if you are on a first name basis with several different business owners in the area.

Work for Less

You may feel tired of the whole “paying your dues” thing by the end of college, but unfortunately, you probably still have quite a lot more of it to do. After all, you are still very young and your career hasn’t even started yet. One of the ways that you will need to pay your dues is by significantly undercutting the hourly wages that your competitors are asking for.

Work at Your College

Another great way to find a job after you finish college is to try to land a job at the college itself. If you are graduating from Herzing University, then you might want to ask around and see if there are any positions that will be opening up on campus over the summer or during the fall semester.

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