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The strangest things found in drains

Drains whisk away all the stuff we may rather not think about, from dirty water in our toilet and washing machine to soap and hair. Over the years, plumbers, sewage workers and curious homeowners have stumbled upon some strange and unexpected items lurking in drains. Lost jewellery It is a tale that never gets old. …


How to make the tip run easier

Clearing out a garage, house or garden can certainly create a lot of waste. The only you can be certain of getting everything  rid of everything that you need to is by taking it to the tip.  However, given the space given to most domestic cards it’s not possible to be able to get everything …


Owning your first House or your forever Home, investing in new Garage Doors Bristol will improve security and increase the value

It doesn’t matter if you have just purchased your first house in Bristol and are new to the property market or you have recently secured your fifth property to be your forever home, investing in new, quality Garage Doors Bristol from an experienced company such as http://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/ will improve on your security and increase the …


Schools that Stand Out From the Crowd

Wherever you live in the world, schools have certain things in common. They have classrooms, teachers and students of course, they hold parents evenings and in the modern world many schools around the world are starting to use the internet more and more for learning and communication, so have a website made by a professional …