Making the Manufacturing Environment Safer

Some workplaces are more hazardous than others, and there are risks to be found in most workplaces. Manufacturing is an industry where health and safety is particularly important, and protecting the staff should be the priority.

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Legally, workplaces are required to protect their staff as much as possible, and procedures should be put in place to ensure that staff are able to do things in the safest way possible, from using machinery to handling hazardous materials.

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Here are some of the things that you can do to reduce the risk of accidents in a manufacturing environment…

Make sure that gangways are clear. Lots of people have accidents due to objects obstructing walkways and doorways. Ensure that nothing is ever placed in an area where it might cause an obstruction or an injury.

Spills are a major risk and can result in someone slipping and hurting themselves. If the liquid that is spilt is hazardous, this can also cause problems for health. It is important to make sure that spills are attended to straight away – use signs to notify people of the spillage and have a supply of spill kits like this to enable you to clean it up correctly.

Something else that is often needed in a manufacturing environment is safety clothing and PPE. Things like eye protection and steel toe capped boots can really help to reduce accidents and injuries, so staff should be provided with the right PPE and shown the correct way to use it.

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