Don’t be shy in selling your business

When it comes to self-promotion, most people shy away as it’s just not seen as a very British thing to do. However, if you’re a business owner then you’ll need a certain amount of self-promotion in the form of marketing. Remember that you are not attempting to force people to buy things they do not need but rather making sure that the people who do need what you’re selling, know that you have the solution to their problem.

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Revamping your brand or website might be the way forward and to do this you will need to consider what it is you want to be known for. Without a firm grasp on this, you won’t know what content needs to appear, the right people to help you or the message that you want to send the world about your business. For advice from a Tewkesbury Business Coach, contact

Who will be your target audience? You need to imagine your dream customer and then you can tailor your marketing efforts towards that specific group. How can you speak directly to your dream customer if you don’t have a handle on who they are? You need to understand what they’re looking for, how you can offer them unique solutions and what language they are likely to respond positively to. When you’re in the early stages of marketing, it’s far easier to work to a small niche of customers and become an expert at what you do for that specific audience. As your business expands, it will then become easier to market to a broader range of people.

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When you can identify who your dream target is, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what their frustrations might be and how you can solve their issues with your service or product. Try to find out their thoughts by searching for online reviews or blogs and listen carefully to what they’re saying and the problems that they face. You could even ask them directly or survey them to find definitive answers to your questions.

Thinking about your business brand is also essential as without a brand, you are simply a commodity and being a commodity means that the lowest price always wins. You want to add meaning and quality to the products or services that you offer and so branding should not be underestimated as an effective marketing tool. A commodity is simply made but a brand inspires a relationship and trust, it is something that the customer buys into and a brand is unique to you.

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