We all communicate continuously, even though we often don’t realize if we can communicate effectively. Although it seems that some people are good communicators since birth, in reality it is not. They learned from those close to them in the first years of life (family, environment, school, friends, etc.)

Therefore, anyone can learn to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection with others. Communicating effectively is establishing a connection between the communicating parties.

To succeed, you have to work with others. To do it better, you have to learn to connect with them. How to connect with people to communicate effectively? How can you really connect with others?

Connecting in the right way and creating a bond requires that you understand the five key principles of connection and, after understanding them, apply the five corresponding practices. To learn, you can always observe good leaders and communicators in action, but your most intense training will come when you commit yourself to applying what you observe.

Only by learning through trial and error what works and what does not, you can improve your ability to connect with others.

The five key principles of connection to communicate effectively

The connection is simply built on your ability to identify yourself with people and relate to them. To become more productive and influential as a leader to achieve OKRS – Objectives and key results, you must learn how to connect genuinely with others. To do this in real life, you need to understand the five key principles on how to create personal connections …

Connecting increases your influence in every situation

Connecting is the ability to identify yourself with people and relate to them in a way that will increase your influence towards them.

The connection is always focused on others

Connecting is never about you, but about the person, you’re communicating with. If you want to get in touch with others, you must overcome yourself and change focus from the inside out, from yourself and from others.

The connection goes beyond the words you say

The more actions you take to go beyond words, the greater the chance that you can connect with people.

You will need to connect …

  • Visually, giving the other person your full attention;
  • Intellectually, asking questions, listening carefully and paying attention to what is not said;
  • Emotionally, through the appropriate touch, making sure you respect the limits.

Connection always requires energy

Connecting with people does not happen by chance, but is an intentional event. You will have to put personal energy behind what you are doing to reach the connection.

Clearly, the larger the group of people you want to communicate with, the more energy is required to connect.

Knowing how to connect is an acquired skill rather than a talent

If you want to be a better communicator or a better leader, you can’t rely on luck. You must learn to get in touch with others by making the most of your skills and experiences.