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When they ask you how to choose a hosting, the thought always goes to the limits imposed by many plans. In reality, more elements work in your favor today and are no longer a problem.

This is a great advantage. But the rule of maximum spending is not always good for your project. You do not have to think in terms of investment, the most expensive solution is not always the one that’s right for you. The choice of hosting is a real science.

On the contrary, these are steps that determine the success of a portal, given that today it is important to work with structures that offer SSD and HTTP / 2 disks to guarantee the website loading speed. At least as regards the characteristics of the server. But how to choose the right hosting for your project? What are the resources to put on the desk?

Hosting for small or single-page websites

You are going to put a simple and undemanding project online. A classic single-site site, here. Nothing particular, you do not want to work with inbound marketing and focus on optimizing the content strategy: the website is static, immobile. At most, do some updates.

For such cases a shared hosting plan such as Startup can be good: not of low quality, but suitable for those who take the first steps, and with a limited number of resources. You do not need large spaces or unlimited sub-domains, right? You just have to be present, to do this the base is enough.

choose hosting

Shared web hosting for professional sites

For corporate blogs and magazines, the choice is directed towards different solutions. We always talk about shared web hosting, so on servers that share space with more projects and limited costs.

But the profile in this case is leaning towards continued growth. That is the constant publication of new web pages and the upload of multimedia material.

You cannot settle for basic hosting, you need to rely on profiles that can support the growth of work. Without prejudice to the characteristics that distinguish a professional service. The more the project grows, the greater the importance of a present support, daily backup, SSD disks to guarantee the loading speed and steps such as …

  • PHP7
  • HTTP / 2
  • HTTP Keep Alive

What are the services that should never be missing in a hosting? Apart from the steps listed I suggest the possibility of exploiting data centers and obtaining a free migration from another provider, and a possible update in case more powerful resources are needed.

Do you prefer a Linux or Windows hosting?

There is no better or worse but only an indication of maximum that concerns the language with which the site is developed. If you want to use PHP and base everything on MySql dynamic database you have to choose the Open Source operating system.

Server and VPS: Large portals and eCommerce

In this case the points necessary to operate are different and websites need guarantees. For example, the flexibility of resources, which must carve around requests.

I take as an example the work on an online shop: during the Christmas holidays or at Black Friday there could be a higher traffic with different peaks.

A basic structure proves unsuitable to support such a stress, and with an advanced and flexible hosting the webmaster can decide at any time the resources to be given to own website. What are the main opportunities? Here are combinations …

  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • Cluster server

The spearhead is, of course, the dedicated server that allows the project to occupy a complete machine, without dividing the space with other websites. This solution is perfect for those seeking maximum security, infinite potential and capacity to host site networks.

VPS and Cloud Hosting: Flexibility

Prices are demanding and maintenance is not for everyone. For this reason there is the possibility to scale towards VPS, virtual private servers that create the conditions of a private reality in virtual mode. The structure is not that of a dedicated machine.

But it is a good compromise. Especially if you use advanced resources in terms of maintenance: the contribution of technicians made available by the provider is always decisive. The same goes for cloud servers, in a few seconds you activate your virtual structure.

Cluster server, for critical portals and apps

There are delicate sites and different applications, projects that not only need attention. They must be managed by real dedicated and virtual server infrastructures.

This is why there are clusters, architectures that keep your work safe on the internet. And they become a certainty to avoid disservices with enviable uptime and high performance.

Hosting reseller, for those who want to resell

Another opportunity to consider, but only when you intend to work in a structured way to resell the hosting space that you have purchased from the provider.

This happens if you are a web agency and want to offer one more step to your customers. In this case you can decide for a service like this, designed just for those with specific needs. And for those with the skills to manage customer needs.

How to choose a hosting: Your opinion

Choosing a hosting for your web project is crucial for the future of internet activity. Especially today, a period in which reliability is an integral part of every website.

The pages must be accessible in minimum time, on any occasion. Especially when there is a great demand for the brand. Web hosting is a good way to give a stable base: what did you choose for your project? I’ll wait for you in the comments.