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Are you thinking of making a blog or running your business website? Certainly, many questions related to the services you need will come to mind. What is a web hosting? What is Hosting and what is it for? What kind of hosting exists? Which is the most appropriate for me: shared hosting, VPS or maybe a dedicated hosting server? Which hosting provider to choose? With this article I’d like to answer you have your doubts about hosting service, starting with the most basic things and continuing with more complex concepts. Don’t worry, I’ll try to explain in a very simple way why the indications are clear.

What is hosting?

Think about the directories and files you keep on your computer and how they save on your PC’s hard disk so that they are always accessible. A website is very similar to a text document: it needs a computer to be archived. The difference is that the PC that contains your site must always be on, if you want this to be always available whenever a user wants to access it.

Unlike the computer we can have at home, to host a website we need a machine that is connected to the Internet through a connection with a wider bandwidth than normal home connections. And above all that the 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, is fully operational. This type of machine or computer is the one we know by the name of server hosting.

hosting service

What is web hosting for?

In order for your website to always be online and available, it is necessary to have a web hosting where you can host it. The computer we are used to working with and a home Internet connection would not be enough for your site to be available worldwide. Even if you have sufficient funds to buy your own server and a very powerful Internet connection, it would not be a good idea. It would be too expensive, so relying on a hosting provider is the best choice. By hosting provider we mean specialized companies that have their own servers to host their clients’ websites, which are located within Data Processing Centers (CEDs). That is, an infrastructure that has the most advanced security systems (both physical and hardware,

What types of hosting exist?

When we already know what hosting is, we can start thinking about how to choose the one that suits our needs. Depending on the type of site you manage or want to create, you will need one hosting service rather than another. For example, if you want to make a personal blog, a basic hosting plan will be more than enough for you. You can also read the article on WordPress Hosting. If, on the other hand, your website is an online store or a large company website, perhaps a more professional service is worthwhile.

Even if each project is different, I’ll explain in broad terms what the different types of hosting are so you can choose …


It is a hosting that reserves you a space on a server where you share resources with other users. Depending on the selected plan, you can have different websites hosted on the same server. Many hosting providers offer accommodation services with unlimited traffic; in this way if you have a peak of traffic a month, your site will not be affected and you will not have unexpected costs


A virtual private server or VPS is a physical server divided into multiple virtual machines independent of each other. Since the hardware is shared, the cost of a virtual server is usually quite lower compared to a dedicated (physical) server. The advantage compared to the previous case is that a VPS has guaranteed resources, which are not shared with anyone and that you can use as you see fit. This gives you more power and flexibility than a normal shared hosting.


Basically, it consists of a physical machine, for the exclusive use of a customer. That customer is the absolute user of that server’s resources, from bandwidth to disk space. Dedicated servers are particularly suitable for sites with a large volume of monthly traffic or that need to make resource-intensive use.

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