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How Do Lenders Manage Risk?

Lenders must manage risk properly in order to protect their financial interests. Lenders are exposed to a variety of risks, including defaults. These risks can make it difficult to recover the full amount owed by a borrower. Market conditions and long foreclosure processes can also make it more likely that a lender will have to …


The Benefits of Oak Trusses

Oak has been a highly desired timber for centuries. So, what makes oak so special? There are a few different advantages to oak trusses. First of all, oak is known for its natural strength and hardness. When used in trusses, oak is highly resistant to tension and compression forces. This combined with the triangular design …


How is data analytics used in manufacturing?

The initial wave of analytics is used to improve product growth and performance for manufacturing analytics unleashes productivity and profitability. The focus is generally on products, so common areas include supply chain optimization, sales and marketing budget control, warranty spending reduction, and overall financial management improvements. These uses of analytics can yield breakthrough insights and …


Why am I Having Problems with my Freeview Reception?

Poor Freeview can be caused by a variety of things, including the set or separate Freeview box, boosters, cables, aerials, weather conditions, transmitter faults, interference and obstructions. There are a number of common-sense questions you can ask yourself to whittle down the most likely causes. Image Credit Has Reception Varied in the Past? If your …


How to Combat Money Laundering

If you have a business or are a member of the financial sector, you are likely concerned about how to combat money laundering. This problem plagues many financial institutions, including banks. Keeping up with anti-money laundering regulations and using new technology is key to addressing the problem. Learning how to combat money laundering will help …