Why switch to the Cloud? 10 benefits for your business

More and more companies decide to focus on Cloud solutions, bringing an already growing market to incredible numbers. Even entrepreneurs less sensitive to the fascination of innovation agree on the many management benefits that the cloud can guarantee to an online business. In this article we will try to examine them to better understand why moving to the Cloud is the best move for anyone who wants the best performance for their web business.

Why switch to the Cloud?

The Cloud is today one of the symbols of the so-called Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution.

From a digital perspective, no reality has been as incisive as the Cloud. The advantages for small and medium-sized businesses are enormous in terms of management.

The Cloud allows you to manage your business from any device with a connection and above all to manage the resources at your disposal in a much more flexible way.

10 advantages brought by the cloud

At a time like this, where service efficiency is an essential component, cloud services can make the difference. There are many reasons why an entrepreneur should start considering the Cloud.

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Today we want to highlight ten concrete benefits for businesses …

1. Safety

With the Cloud, the level of security for its data reaches levels that were unimaginable until a few years ago. The data is always saved on the cloud and therefore available even in the event of a malfunction of some hardware component.

2. Power

Those who decide to invest in Cloud services do so above all to make a qualitative leap in terms of performance. From this point of view, the Cloud is the best option available. Thanks to the many dedicated resources it provides, the company that decides to use this technology can benefit from a much more powerful and faster service.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes it can happen to invest money in professional services and then notice after the investment has been excessive compared to the real needs, maybe because the resources that were needed were less than those purchased. The peculiarity of the cloud is that, with it, it is possible to provide solutions that adapt to the customer’s needs, which will have the exact quantity of resources needed to satisfy its needs.

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4. Resource scalability

Another aspect to be taken into great consideration for the choice of services in the Cloud is the scalability of the resources available. With a Cloud solution, the customer has the possibility to configure the resources independently. Not only that, thanks to the Auto scaling solutions it will be possible to buy resources automatically only when they are needed (we think of seasonal sites with traffic peaks in some periods of the year).

5. Energy saving

Immediate benefits for a company that decides to invest in the Cloud instead of physical machines are certainly the great energy savings and the lowest environmental impact. This could also lead to an improvement in the project’s online reputation given the current interest in green and eco-friendly issues.

6. Customized packages

The main reason why an entrepreneur should focus on the Cloud is to be able to take advantage of tailor-made solutions. Cloud-based services can be configured and customized by the individual customer, who can decide in full autonomy the amount of resources to work with. This customized configuration, which can be done with the case of a virtual server for example, involves a decisive freedom of choice both for small businesses that need few resources and for large ones for which more complex configurations are required.

7. Service continuity

The reliability of a Cloud service provider is proven by the stability of the resources it provides. Being a company that has always been close to the Cloud technology, is always careful to guarantee a high level of quality of the proposed solutions. Examples of this are the various ISO Certifications won for the provision of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage hosting in IaaS mode. With regards to service continuity.

8. Disaster recovery

Always remaining within the concept of “reliability”, an enormous benefit of Cloud solutions is the possibility of investing in Disaster Recovery. With this option, you can keep data on external storage and eventually recover every single file. Since it is vital for companies to protect their data, a solution of this kind is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons for focusing on the Cloud.

9. Cost reduction

Not having to deal with physical machines, you will not have to count infrastructure maintenance and operation costs. Using an online software (such as Cloud solutions) allows you to have a significant cost savings compared to other types of services.

10. 24-hour assistance

Whatever the Cloud solution you have decided to invest in, one of the most important aspects to consider is that the company concerned can count, on a constant support 24 hours a day. The possibility of contacting our technical team ensures that the customer can concentrate exclusively on managing the business, without worrying about the status of the machine on which the services are hosted. It will be our team’s responsibility to make sure that everything always works at its best.

To conclude

What we identify with the term Cloud has become much more than a type of technology. This word represents a symbol of the revolution that is changing the nature of large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

We can therefore conclude by saying that the question “why to switch to the Cloud?” Finds an answer in the need for innovation of companies.

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