Improve the benefits of your company with a dedicated server

The development of the internet has allowed many companies to expand their market through the network with the aim of reaching a greater number of customers. The services offered by many companies help these companies to better develop their business and in this way, we find companies that allow us to keep business accounts and other companies that, for example, allow us to have servers for our business.

Taking into account the experience of these servers, IKOULA has managed to position itself as one of the leading companies in the sector when it comes to offering web and cloud hosting. The reason is quite simple and is that in IKOULA, you can find a dedicated server that meets all your needs. The accessibility that the internet offers to the user allows to equate a small company with a large one in terms of audience. However, the demands of a small company are less compared to that of a large one and therefore, having a dedicated server is the perfect way to avoid paying more for those services that we do not use.

The advantages of a dedicated server

These dedicated servers adapt perfectly to the project we are looking for, so it does not matter if it is IoT, IA or Blockchain, since you can expressly have the service you need.

When hiring a server, you can see that the trend that the market follows is to offer a server with a large number of advanced functions, a higher RAM memory or a high-capacity hard drive. All these features raise the price of the server, something that is understood as normal, but they are not always entirely useful for all users. If we in our business need less memory capacity since we only want to host a web page with information, we do not have to pay more for having a greater amount of memory that we are not going to use.

At IKOULA you can find these servers for you. They have a large number of processors so you can choose the one you like the most, the one that best suits the demands of your business and over time, if you want to expand and need more power or capacity, change it for a superior one without any problem.

IKOULA therefore, makes it much easier for those SMEs that are just starting out in business, so that they do not have to invest a greater amount of money in something that they really do not need. In addition to this, they do not leave out those companies that really do need more powerful servers, so they also have the latest scalable Intel Xeon Silver and Gold processors, with which they can improve the satisfaction of any company that values itself.

In short, there is no safer way to host your business on the internet than on one of these servers and it is even more interesting if we do not have to pay for what we are not using. IKOULA therefore postulates itself as an advance in the world of servers, adapting to the specific needs of each of its clients.

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