A beginner’s guide to banner ads

Banner ads are seen everywhere on the internet, but what do you need to know about them as a marketer? In this blog, we’ll cover the basics.

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What are banner ads?

Banner ads are images that are placed on websites to draw the user’s attention to products and services being marketed by brands. These banner ads can be designed in various ways.

For example, HTML banner ads are very popular and offer plenty of creativity with how the image is used and the way in which users can engage with it – called interactivity if there are elements that require clicking, expanding, opening and so forth. They increasingly feature videos and animation as well as static images as they seek to stand out from the competition with novel elements to resonate with the target audience.

Where are banner ads found?

You’ll see HTML banner ads from agencies such as The Bannermen all over the internet, and particularly where there is advertising. Google is an obvious choice as are news sites and social media platforms. Whenever you open up a commercial website you are likely to see some form of banner ad, whether that’s been placed by the website’s own brand or a brand that has bought access to that space for a targeted campaign. For more information on digital marketing visit Forbes.

How are banner ads created?

A graphic designer will create the artwork for a banner ad to a specification supplied by the site owner. It might be a static image or an interactive ad, but the important thing is that HTML banner ads will all point to some kind of landing page for a potential conversion. Once the ads are live, their manager can access in-depth analytics that will explain how well they are performing and whether those all-important conversions are happening.

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The great thing about these HTML banner ads is that the artwork can easily be updated, changed or rotated to optimise performance. They are versatile and engaging and should be highly targeted to the relevant audience.

Now you know how banner ads work, how will you use them for your next marketing campaign?

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