Shared hosting, the benefits for your website

Among the different types of services that can be used to create and manage websites, shared hosting solutions are the favorite of private users, but also of small businesses in the launch phase, such as startups. In this article we analyze the reasons for the great success of the convinced plans.

What is shared hosting?

With the term shared hosting we want to define a web space suitable for hosting the files of a site. The main aspect of this type of service is that server resources are shared by all users. In practice, all hosting plans hosted on the server share the resources of the machine, an aspect that differs from the dedicated plans (in which the user takes advantage of all the resources of the server in an exclusive manner).

By purchasing a shared solution, the user shares the resources with all the other websites hosted on the server.

Shared hosting

The advantages guaranteed by a shared plan

After having highlighted the difference between a shared plan and a dedicated solution, we must take into consideration the reasons that make a shared hosting service super advantageous.

# 1. 24 hour assistance

An aspect that depends on the provider you are addressing. By purchasing a shared web hosting service it will be possible to take advantage of continuous technical assistance (neither more nor less than those who buy dedicated solutions). Our support is active 7 days a week, with the technical team always ready to take on any type of request, from the most complex to the seemingly simplest.

#2. Economic aspect

Being solutions that are hosted on the same server, shared hosting plans are available at much lower costs than Cloud or dedicated solutions. This aspect makes a shared service very attractive, especially for those who have to start their journey online and do not want to commit themselves immediately with large investments. In this case, with a minimum cost, the customer has everything he needs to bring his project on the internet.

# 3. Simplified management

The main concern of less experienced users often concerns the management of the service. With a shared hosting service the user is totally exempted from server management, which will be constantly monitored by the technical team. The user thus has the possibility of being able to dedicate himself completely to his business, without having to worry about the maintenance of the server that hosts the site.

# 4. Quantity of resources

As we have already said, with a shared plan the user has at his disposal a minimum part of the server’s resources. This amount of resources (divided by the different “sizes”) still ensure everything needed to bring your work to the web.

Our shared hosting solutions include several essential resources such as:

  • The domain
  • The web space
  • The e-mail boxes
  • The MySQL Database
  • The SSL Certificate (fundamental to one’s online reputation).

# 5. Shared but autonomous at the same time

Sharing the server’s resources does not mean that every user must share their “work environment” with others. The user can manage his site in complete autonomy, being able to do all the desired operations with maximum freedom. The resources are shared with the other “tenants” of the server, but this does not in the least affect the freedom of the user to be able to manage his website as he sees fit and to do all the desired operations.

Shared hosting, the right solution for your web project?

After analyzing the main advantages of shared hosting, what needs to be done is to understand if this type of solution is the most suitable for individual professional needs.

The choice of the web hosting service depends on a series of factors, which mainly concern the technical characteristics that are needed. A good parameter to understand if a shared plan is suitable concerns the amount of traffic that must be “endured”, as well as the amount of web space available.

Much therefore depends on the individual case. A shared plan may be the right solution, but it could also be too “limited”, which makes it necessary to evaluate more advanced services such as, for example, the virtual server.

To conclude

Whoever starts a journey on the web (both private and startups and small and medium-sized businesses) wants to have adequate resources at a reasonable price. A shared web hosting provides everything needed to create a stable, fast and functional website.

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