5 tips to choose a hosting service well

One of the keys to have a web page that does not give us many concerns is to choose a good hosting service. On more than one occasion we have found companies that make internal changes in their service and overnight you cannot access the FTP service with your old password, the e-mail redirects do not work and many other complications.

If you want to choose a good web storage service, there are some keys that will help your company to have a website in conditions where it can sell to its customers without constant server problems.

5 Tips for choosing a good hosting service

The first thing is to do a comparative study of the different options we have, something that can be tremendously complicated because there are hundreds and thousands of offers on the Internet. In any case, we should consider these elements.

choose a hosting service

1. That it offers a scalable service

It is important that we study the options in web storage that they offer us. Although at the beginning we need little space in GB, maybe in the future we need to expand it. Or have more email addresses. Or buy more domains at a cheap price. It has to allow us to expand the business so that at the moment we do not have to change the server.

2. Minimum possible percentage of errors

A hosting service that is characterized by constant errors 500 on the server and the pages are not loaded is certainly a service of poor quality. We can study pages of other companies that are with that server (looking for example your portfolio or asking in forums) to find out if they work correctly.

3. A responsible technical service

There are companies that are extremely difficult to contact, either because they have a mail form that they never read, or because they take several days to respond to us after we have a very serious problem, such as our website has been dropped, for example. It is necessary that they take less than 24 hours to answer our questions. For that it is advisable that you exchange e-mails with them before hiring.

4. That allow us to make a backup

A good hosting service should let us save and download our pages in another site so that, in case they have a problem, our project will not be lost. An alternative in this case if we need a lot of space is to hire a remote backup.

5. Work with MySQL databases

If we want to install a WordPress in our hosting, we will need to let us create databases in an easy way. Some are even optimized to create blogs in WordPress without having to do the whole installation process. In any case, we can create multiple databases.

What other things do you recommend to choose a good web hosting service in the cloud?

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