Linux hosting, advantages and methods of use

Linux hosting

The diffusion of web hosting services has increased in recent years, especially since the various CMS and services offered to webmasters have become increasingly user-friendly and easy to use.

Search terms such as “web hosting“, “hosting”, “free hosting” and many others, register on Google Trends a constant interest. For this reason, this type of demand, the providers have been able to respond with increasing effectiveness and offers more accessible and targeted. Continue reading “Linux hosting, advantages and methods of use”

How to choose hosting for your project

choose hosting

When they ask you how to choose a hosting, the thought always goes to the limits imposed by many plans. In reality, more elements work in your favor today and are no longer a problem.

This is a great advantage. But the rule of maximum spending is not always good for your project. You do not have to think in terms of investment, the most expensive solution is not always the one that’s right for you. The choice of hosting is a real science. Continue reading “How to choose hosting for your project”

5 tips to choose the right SaaS hosting

SaaS hosting

SaaS hosting is a cost-effective way to reduce infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance. But choosing the wrong one could put your long-term success at risk.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud hosting solution for all your software needs. It relieves companies of the need to host and manage local applications by hosting applications in the cloud. Continue reading “5 tips to choose the right SaaS hosting”

10 tips to choose a hosting plan for an eCommerce

hosting plan

Choose a hosting plan is one of the most important factors to get the proper functioning and development of any online project. It is an important decision in which we must take into account many more factors than the price although this is one of the first to call our attention to be used as a claim in marketing actions.

In the first place, it is necessary to differentiate if it is a new project or we already have an existing one, created in another server or in a local one. If this is the case, the server where it is hosted should have the appropriate support for our software (Prestashop, Zencart, Magento, etc.) and appropriate features (operating system, SQL version, PHP version, etc.). Continue reading “10 tips to choose a hosting plan for an eCommerce”